2017 Pacific Alliance (Tourism) Roadshow
2017-09-22 11:53

On the afternoon of September 1, 2017, the 2017 Pacific Alliance (Tourism) Roadshow was officially opened at the J.W Marriott hotel in Beijing. The representatives participating in the conference are: Mr. Andreas Pierotic, Minister Counselor for Economic & Commercial Affairs of Embassy of Chile, P.R. China、the delegation of Chilean travel agency、Mr. Juan Pablo Carrillo, the exports and tourism advisor of the Embassy of Colombia-Commercial Office、the representatives of Columbia companies、Peru enterprises and Peru travel agency representatives、 Mexico airlines and Mexico travel agency representatives and China travel agency representative. The representatives of Rising (Beijing) International Investment Development Co., Ltd were also invited to attend the meeting.

The event is focus on the deepening bilateral tourism cooperation, Make travel routes suit for Chinese tourists, to better promote the South Pacific (Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Peru)’s tourism resources and travelling lines, make more guests have a further understanding of the regions and push forward the cooperation between the two sides.

The event began with a speech by Mr. Juan Pablo Carrillo, the exports and tourism advisor of the Embassy of Colombia-Commercial Office. He said the Pacific Alliance, was also well known as the Latin American Pacific Alliance, and also was an emerging economic organization in the Latin America. The organization was established in April, 2011 in Peru and officially signed the Pacific Alliance framework agreement in June 6, 2012. The member states are Chile, Peru, Mexico and Colombia. The Pacific Alliance Free Trade Zone was a big market which composed of 206 million populations; total GDP could reach $1.7 trillion, the Pacific Alliance was established to further strengthen the regional integration process, vigorously promote the member states free flow in goods, services, capital and personnel. The purpose was to strengthen the Latin American Pacific Alliance States in trade policy coordination, promote the Alliance States free flow and circulation in goods、services、capital and personnel,committed to make Alliance became the most attractive sub-regional organizations in Asia and the most convenient entrance into the Latin America market.

Talking about the relationship between Chile and China, Since June 2012, when the China Premier, Mr. Wen JiaBao visit to the Latin America, he said that China was glad to see the significant progress what the Latin America made and would like to push the continuous development between China and Latin American Pacific Alliance. September 12, 2012, Columbia, Chile, Mexico and Peru four officials arrived in Shanghai, attended the fourth session of the "Latin American - China Investor Forum”(LA-CIF) by the Latin American financial (Latin finance)hosted, to jointly promote the Latin American emerging regional organizations - Pacific Alliance.

Colombia has developed tourism resources. Colombia is a tourist country with abundant tourism resources, including rich famous scenic spots and historical sites, which is one of the most beautiful lands in the world. The Chilean government has implemented a comprehensive open policy and has become one of the most economically developed countries in South America. The Chilean government attaches great importance to developing tourism and further improves tourists’ service facilities. Chile is a beautiful country, China has a huge market, and we hope to make good use of the China tourist market and in-depth understanding of the Chilean country, so as to better improve the number of Chinese tourists visit Chile.

Finally in negotiations with these participating companies, our staff has a friendly and in-depth communication with the Mexico Airlines, Columbia Airlines, South America, Peru local travel agency, Beijing Delta International travel agency, Chile travel agency, Mexico travel agency, Columbia VIP private custom travel agency, and discuss some preliminary cooperation intention, furthermore, we both exchange the business cards and lay the foundation for follow-up.

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